Working on this documentation

If you want to help the project by working on documentation, this is the tutorial on how to start!


  • Fork the ZPUI repository on GitHub

  • Create a separate branch for your documentation needs

  • Install the necessary Python packages for testing the documentation locally:

    pip install sphinx sphinx-autobuild sphinx-rtd-theme

Find a task to work on

  • Look into ZPUI GitHub issues and see if there are issues concerning documentation
  • Unleash your inner perfectionist
  • If you’re not intimately familiar with reStructuredText markup, feel free to look through the existing documentation to see syntax and solutions that are already used.

Testing your changes locally

You can build the documentation using make html from the docs/ folder. Then, you can run ./ to run a HTTP server on localhost, serving the documentation on port 8000. If you make changes to the documentation, just run make html again to rebuild the documentation - webserver will serve the updated documentation once it finishes building. In addition to that, you can test the code blocks for errors using docs/ - you need to have rstcheck installed from pip for that to work.

Contributing your changes

Send us a pull request!