PiFaceCAD output driver

This driver works with PiFace Control and Display Raspberry Pi shields.

Sample config.json section:



Generally, you won’t need to edit config.json if you’re using this shield because it’ll be done automatically by config.sh.

class output.drivers.pfcad.Screen(rows=2, cols=16)[source]

A driver for PiFace Control and Display Raspberry Pi shields. It has a simple 16x2 LCD on it, controlled by a MCP23S17 over SPI.

Doesn’t yet conform to HD44780 library specs, many functions are not transferred from the pifacecad library.

TODO: rewrite it to remove dependency on PiFaceCAD library.

__init__(rows=2, cols=16)[source]

Initialises the Screen object.


  • rows (default=2): rows of the connected display
  • cols (default=16): columns of the connected display

Enables backlight. Doesn’t do it instantly, you’ll have to wait until data is sent to the display.


Disables backlight.


Clears the display.


Displays data on display.

*args is a list of strings, where each string fills each row of the display, starting with 0.