Future plans

A TODO document, if you will. This list might be eventually moved to ZPUI GitHub issues.


This list is not by any means complete. What’s listed here is bound to appear sooner or later. What’s not listed is either not yet considered or not going to be implemented - feel free to ask me at GitHub!

Global system changes

  • Make hotplug of input/output devices possible
  • Include a notification system

Input devices

  • Make a “passthrough” driver for HID so that a single keyboard can both be used for X and ZPUI
  • Add key remapping to HID driver
  • Pressed/released/held button states


  • Bluetooth app (delayed, involves a lot of DBus work)
  • MPD/Mopidy app
  • Camera app
  • Stopwatch/timer app
  • UCI management app
  • Counter app
  • Calculator app
  • Mount partitions app
  • OpenHAB console
  • Twitter reader
  • SMS and call app - interfacing to mobile phones and GSM/3G modems

UI elements

Input UI elements

  • Date/time picker
  • “Quick reading” UI element (word-by-word)
  • Wraparound for Menu UI element


  • More example apps & examples for UI elements
  • Guide about input callbacks and 5 main keys, as well as 30-button numpad
  • An app development course
  • Make a release system
  • More links to UI element usage examples in existing apps

Integration into projects

  • Examples for RPC API wrapper (for integration in any projects running in separate threads)


  • Refactor main.py launcher
  • Clean up comments in UI elements, decide what functions to expose in the docs
  • Make an app for configuring ZPUI on the fly