DialogBox UI element

This UI element allows you to make sure the user actually wants to proceed with some kind of action/decision.

from ui import DialogBox
choice = DialogBox("ync", i, o, name="My dialogbox of my app").activate()
if choice: "Yes" was selected
    # do things

By default, you can pass string values like “ync” (or “yn”, or “yc”, or “cy”), where the “y”, “n” and “c” characters will be parsed as “Yes” (True), “No” (False) and “Cancel” (None) options respectively (True, False and None being return values). Exiting by using LEFT will also result in None being returned.

You can also pass custom labels/return values like this:

choice = DialogBox([["Abort", "abort"], ["Retry", "retry"], ["Ignore", "ignore"]], i, o, name="My dialogbox of my app").activate()
class ui.DialogBox(values, i, o, message='Are you sure?', name='DialogBox', **kwargs)[source]

Bases: ui.base_ui.BaseUIElement

Implements a dialog box with given values (or some default ones if chosen).

__init__(values, i, o, message='Are you sure?', name='DialogBox', **kwargs)[source]

Initialises the DialogBox object.


  • values: values to be used. Should be a list of [label, returned_value] pairs.
    • You can also pass a string “yn” to get “Yes(True), No(False)” options, or “ync” to get “Yes(True), No(False), Cancel(None)” options.
    • Values put together with spaces between them shouldn’t be longer than the screen’s width.
  • i, o: input&output device objects


  • message: Message to be shown on the first line of the screen when UI element is activated
  • name: UI element name which can be used internally and for debugging.

Allows you to set position of the option that’ll be selected upon DialogBox activation.


A method which is called when the UI element needs to start operating. Is blocking, sets up input&output devices, refreshes the UI element, then calls the idle_loop method while the UI element is active. self.in_foreground is True, while callbacks are executed from the input device thread.


Deactivates the UI element, exiting it.